Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quit your job and go climbing

While on my recent travels to Utah in order to attend the annual Summer Outdoor Retailer event, I was lucky enough to get a viewing of the latest Reel Rock Film Tour - Valley Uprising from Big Up Productions and Sender Films.

Such an event is something to behold. Since it's beginning in 2006, Reel Rock Film Tour has been screened in hundred of locations and inspired millions of people. This time around was no exception!

As we followed the crowds towards the plaza it became clear this was far from a simple film viewing. This was a gathering of the climbing industries most influential and ambitious characters. Those who had dedicated their lives to a passion that gave them a sense of achievement and belonging. Pushing the physical and mental boundaries of our sport!

Wondering around the small mezzanine out front of the Megaplex 12 Cinema, I brushed elbows with many of americas climbing heroes. Lynn Hill, Dean Potter, Hans Florine and Ceder Wright were just a handful of those enjoying the h'orderves and local brews put on by the Reel Rock crew.

The effect of bringing together this band of people who emanate such enthusiasm and camaraderie was mind blowing. It was incredible to see how such a diverse and geographically separated group of individuals that were so tightly knit through their passion of rock climbing.

Stepping into the theatre, you could sense the audiences anticipation for the film which had been some 7 years in the making. Unlike the rock tours previous years, they showed just one film, "The Valley Uprising - Yosemite's Rock Climbing Revolution." This was a tribute to Yosemite Valley, to its history, its people and its unique culture that has been in the climbing spotlight since the 1950's. 

Tracing back the valley's climbing lineage, you're taken on an journey into the depths of the climbers mindset beginning with the golden age of Yosemite climbing right up to the present day. Many of the valleys unsung heroes are featured in this video that is guaranteed to leave you feeling more than a little amped for your next adventure. I for one was ready to quit the 9 to 5 and follow the romantic notion of a vagabond lifestyle!

The profound effect of the tour re-lit a fire in my belly that's been buried inside for some time, fearful of failure and the unknown. Although the times have changed considerably since the dirt bag lifestyle of the 70's, this journey into history shows that each generation finds their own adventure if only they're brave enough to take the leap!

The tour begins in a couple of weeks and I would make sure you don't miss this! You can check out locations and dates by visiting the Reel Rock Tour website.


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