Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In search of new crags!

The past couple of weeks have been jam packed with friendly banter, new places and mount Urrielu.

It seems that northern Spain is much like Scotland for weather as there tend to be a constant cloud that hovers in the valley below us creating a sea of white which slowly flows east towards the Picos. We have had much rain here and it always seems to bee wet!

Northern spain however has much to offer for climbers, walkers and mountaineers. Locally there is a huge abundance of un touched limestone that is as much as 50m high and of good quality but no bolts, topos or climbers to be found any where near.

Today we're in Arriondas enjoying the coffee at a local coffee shop we have been to before called Kelsey's. It has incredible Pichentos and good coffee. Our purpose of today is 1. let everyone know were alive and well and 2. to explore some of these un-touched crags with the idea of putting up new hard routes on the untouched overhangs nearby which would be a welcome addition for local climbers that do not know how to bolt new routes but want to learn.

I have discovered much of the climbing areas recently by joining the Montana Grupo Infiesto which are a great bunch of friendly people with endless enthusiasm for climbing and big goals. They are developing there own bouldering wall in the hut which in in the local town (SCORE!) and its becoming a huge 45 degree board with endless traverses and possibilities. I plan to spend as much of my time as possible here once its finished which should be by the end of the weekend (en shallah!)

Last weekend we attempted to climb Ureilu but had to return due to conditions but we did get a great feel for the area and get our bearings which means a lot in this area where maps are hard to come by. We also got great views of Naranjo Des Bulnes which i plan to climb when the temperatures rise around the end of march.

We have also discovered a new huge climbing wall in Arriondas which is incredible! fully horizontal overhang and routes starting at 6c going to 8a+.

I have a few photos to keep you guys updated and manana i will book flights to El Chorro to see all my friends for a few weeks climbing.

Hasta Luego!

And a picture for Lauri and Chelsea!