Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Week in Espanya

Hola! como estas?

We have arrived in the beautiful village of Pallena, in Asturias, Spain. Having driven from Canvey Island, Essex all the way to Portsmouth we took a 20 hour ferry across to Santander. We had a brilliant room that the dog could join us in and our whole corridor had people with dogs which meant it was a little mental when everyone takes there dog out to the loo late at night. Dylan (the dog) seemed confused that it was OK to take a leak on the floor inside/outside but i think he enjoyed the journey sitting in the cabin window looking out to sea for most of it.

Once we landed in Spain we head West to Oviedo. We were not too sure where we were going but knew roughly that it was located near some where that began with a B, and there was a pine tree. We had earlier in the trip saved a map on a tablet but it didn't load when we tried it and the map on my computer was useless as it wouldn't turn on.

We arrived at a small village having remembered something else about a hard turn and a track that "wasn't as bad as it looked". We saw one track that looked rather suspect and decided that it must be the track and head down and lucky for us it was as we would never have been able to reverse it!

We've been working hard building a beautiful Kabanya and don't really know how long we will be here but are enjoying it all the same. Our windows look out over huge mountain ranges as far as the Pyrenees on a clear day and also bring incredible sun rises and sunsets. I could easily stay here forever!(Gaz)

We have been up to La Traverse and climbed and started to master the Slack line for the past two days which has been an awesome time. Joey managed to get to one end a back almost and i climbed some boulder problems (6c - 7a)

We've met some new great friends called: Nachos, Jerome, Nuria, Juan, Clive and Claire plus others which i can't remember due to the huge amount of beers we had bought for us. But i do remember we beat all the best locals at pool and made quite a stir.

Internet isn't very quick in Spain so updates may take some time.

Hasta luego