Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rock Climbing in New York: NYC Bouldering Guide

"New York City is best known for it yellow cabs, retail stores, and phenomenal skyline. It's a city full of coffee culture, alternative fashion and rock climbing... 

This lesser known fact may come as a surprise to most who have yet to explore the hidden landscapes beneath the cities veil of steel and concrete. These unique boulders are steeped in history and offer a climbing experience like nowhere else In the world!" - Gareth Leah

Over the past year I have searched for, climbed, photographed, documented, and climbed again hundreds of boulders in NYC in a quest to create a bouldering guide for arguably the most famous city on the planet. It's taken blood, sweat, flappers and tears to bring about what i believe is one of the most incredible looking guidebooks ever created. It's been an incredible journey, making some incredible friends along the way and nesting into the city that i now call my home.

When i first began this project, I didn't truly appreciate the scope of what i was creating. It was a personal project that i took upon myself to fill time and get to know people. It had a different design, different images and different feel to what it has now become. Below you can see the Final cover (left) and the original (right).

It originally had around 80 pages and was based upon the style and design of the old subway map. The images i took myself while learning the how to use a camera and in all honesty, it was a little mediocre. 

Original designs (below)

This final version of the book comes almost a year after the original was drawn up but still has remenants of the original. The maps have been transplanted from the old version and spruced up with some water color and slight modifications. The line drawings have been adapted to overlay new images and the route colors changed to fit the publisher. 

New Version (below)

The book also gained some media attention from: The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Grimper Magazine, Climberism Magazine, Grimpe Magazine, Gripped magazine, Empire State of Climb and The Vertical amongst many others.

The book is now out and available here: Sharp End Books and at many outdoor retailers worldwide

I hope this book takes you to places you've never been before and gives you a new perspective on NYC.