Friday, September 2, 2016

Adventure Amigo's: Making the ordinary, extraordinary!

Just another mini adventure with Patrick Sheridan and Matt Smoot!
Credit: Gaz Leah / 10k Media

What is life, but a grand adventure filled with incredible moments that separate the ordinary. 

We’ve all lived these moments. The moments you never want to forget. When you felt truly alive and everything just seemed, better. It can felt in the jubilation of completing that first 10k run and reaped in the reward after a difficult uphill cycle, by its downhill rush! It’s in the accomplishment of reaching the summit of a mountain you never thought you could climb and in the wonder of discovering a place you never dreamed existed.

It immerses us everyday through sights and sounds of nature, waterfalls, and even... in silence.

But life’s not just about the big moments, but also the little ones that we live daily. Like battling the early morning snooze button to experience the warm embrace of a brilliant sunrise or simply enjoying the first sip of your morning coffee. These moments are often quietly lived and form the thing we all cherish the most, our fondest memories. The very best ones though, they’re are ones we share with others, our Adventure Amigo's.

There’s a saying that goes “Life begins, where your comfort zone ends, when you to step out into the unknown”.

The beauty of this though, is you needn’t step alone, because when shared with friends, the seemingly ordinary often becomes, the extraordinary!

I want to express my incredible love and gratitude to anyone I have ever shared a walk, a run, a rope, a boulder or any spontaneous event with. You willingness to push outside your comfort zone is a continual inspiration to me.