Monday, November 28, 2011

European Climbing Adventure

This summer i was contemplating what to do with myself now i had graduated uni. I had just come back from the middle east in a messed up state after having a nasty big wall accident that left me with a massive scar on my face and a dodgy ankle.

A friend of mine Adam Fielding had suggested a while back that i should come out to Asturias and help him build his eco house and that their was loads climbing around for me to do in the off time. At first it seemed an ok idea, one of those ones you think "that'd be nice but it'll never happen" however, 6 months later and my ferry is booked and i'm off to Northern Spain.

What initially started as nothing more than a bit of work has turned into a epic road trip which has a hit list comprising some of the world most intimidating rock faces of:

the Grand Capucin, Picas de Europa, the Verdon Gorge, El Chorro, Calpe, Mont Serrat, the Ecrins, Mont Blanc,the Matterhorn, the Eiger

and finally the Troll wall...

I have been consistently on-sighting 7b+/7c at the indoor wall and won a few competitions but have lost my mojo as i'm there all the time and so only climb once a month.

What we plan to achieve with this trip is discover climbing again, find the adventure in life and take away some amazing experiences with us.

So this is it, the start of my blog on our travel around the globe.