Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Long Wall Project: The Longest Route, Never repeated

The Great Wall of china is a 5.9 R, traverse of the the Gunks. It was first climbed the year I was born back in 1987 and is still awaiting a second ascent. At 9000ft long, it is arguably the longest established rock route in the world.

Alongside my good friend Leigh Campbell, we aim is to raise $1 for every foot of climbing we complete for Climbers Against Cancer and will stay on the wall for as long as is needed to complete the route. This means we will likely need to portaledge at least 1 night, possibly two at the lofty and comical height of around 15ft off the ground, battlng heat and humidity, ticks and chiggers, blood, sweat and tears!

With help from Cameron Maier of Bearcam Media, we will create a video for this project to be submitted to major film festivals such as BAMFF, Reel rock film tour and Kendal Mountain Film Festival, creating awareness of CAC and the need to help causes bigger than ourselves.

By creating a positive media piece and leading by example, we believe we can motivate and empower the outdoor community to apply their talents and skills to social and environmental issues, benefitting everyone, whether your climbing rock faces or the corporate ladder.



Gareth “Gaz” Leah
Worldly adventurer, passionate writer, business developer and climber. Born and bred in the UK, Gaz has climbed all over the world including Mexico, France, Spain, Oman, Dubai and all over the US including Yosemite. Famous for having the worst beta on plastic and often referred to as the chubby chaser of climbing, he seeks out new adventures in undeveloped destinations.

Leigh Campbell
Former US Army photographer, graphic designer, studio photographer and climber. A Gunks climber and Catskill ice climber, Leigh is happiest when clinging to the side of a cliff in New York State. He is always up for a good adventure, whether raiding foreign fighters or an epic long traverse of one of the most famous cliff lines in the world. Often referred to as an urban redneck, his passion lies in climbing the blue lines of winter and respecting the art of traditional rock climbing.


Your donations and support means so much to us as we get geared up ready to do battle with The Long Wall. Sharing this project with your friends helps us spread the word and continue to raise money for this incredible cause, making the world that little bit better.

Lets face it, if we cure cancer, the world would be even more kick ass!

You can help our campaign by donating $$$, sharing with friends and supporting our on Fundly campaign on Facebook. 


Gaz Leah & Leigh Campbell

The Choss Bruvas

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