Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final week of work

Its now been 7 months since i started my job as centre manager at High Sports. When began work there it was a totally new wall, all i had to go on was the photos given below. Since i began i have poured everything i have into making the wall succeed and grow. Although i am leaving after a short period of time i feel there is nothing more i can do to help the wall progress, it simply needs to continue on the path i have lay out for it of being active, freindly and non elitest.

We have turned complete beginners into 7a beasts (Tony, Steve - you guys earnt it!) in just 5 months and hosted numerous events which have brought us together as a climbing community. We held the 2011 Reel Rock Film Tour, started our own climbing club and and raised money and good for numerous charities.

Its fair to say i will miss the people that i work with as they have been an important contributing factor to the walls amazing success not only in reaching and breaking targets but also encouraging new climbers to the wall. I want to thank you all for making my time in Essex a great experience and will keep in touch with you guys via this blog and Facebook as we go.

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